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Final Forward Together in Hope update
The final (and bumper) edition of the Forward Together in Hope update for June and July 2017 is now available.

Partnership Development Plans

The first in a series of more detailed guidelines to assist partnerships to get up and running (pdf - word) is now available. Any feedback on how useful (or otherwise) this is would be most welcome.

New Partnerships Launched

From Pentecost weekend the 18 new partnerships in our Diocese are formally in place. A Pastoral Letter and the new Partnership titles and Partnership Deans are available now. A Prayer for our new Partnership has been written by Fr. Adrian Dixon.

‘Pointing the Way’

A new leaflet, 'Pointing the Way' is designed to update everyone in the diocese about what has been achieved through Forward Together in Hope and how this will be implemented. A separate document 'Reflections from across the Diocese' sets out the priority issues that need to be addressed.

Partnership Guidelines - First Steps

The full document (pdf - word versions) offers some initial ideas and direction that we hope will help partnerships to get up and running and is available now.

One Diocese, 18 Partnerships, Unlimited Potential

This leaflet showing the parishes in each partnership, is available now.

Feedback welcome

The Forward Together in Hope Team welcomes your comments, questions and suggestions. Contact us on hope@diocesehn.org.uk or 0191 243 3304.