Stages of the Journey

Preparing the way - Autumn 2014 – Spring 2015

  • Developing liturgies and prayer resources
  • Developing and distributing information leaflets and guidance
  • Informing everyone about the approach through meetings, documents and a DVD
  • Collating and presenting centrally held data
  • Initial meetings and training for clergy and laity
  • Bishop Seamus leads Days of Reflection

Exploring the way - Spring 2015 – Summer 2016

  • Prayer and liturgies across the diocese
  • Providing unique data to each parish
  • Extensive consultation and self-assessment process in each worshipping community
  • Support and advice from the diocese
  • Return completed self-assessment and recommendations
  • Detailed analysis and validation of responses
  • Clarification meetings and on-going discussions

Pointing the way - Autumn 2016 – Summer 2017

  • Prayer and liturgies across the diocese
  • Information and analysis made available to
  • Bishop Seamus to take decisions about the future
  • Communicating these decisions and indicating the way forward for everyone
  • Supporting parishes in moving to the new arrangements