Forward Together in Hope: Exploring the Way Resources


Main Documents

Exploring the Way new DVD - sent out October 2015

These documents are all under 4Mb unless stated, in word  , pdf or PowerPoint format

Confirmation Programme

Can be used with young people as part of their journey towards Confirmation.

Confirmation programme.pdf



Exploring the Way Booklet

Aims to provide an overview of the Exploring the Way stage of the Forward Together in Hope process

01 Exploring the Way Booklet.pdf


01 Exploring the Way Booklet.docx

Exploring the Way Parish Handout

To be attached to the Newsletter for everyone in the parish and offered to those who are housebound.

02 Exploring the Way Parish Handout.pdf

02 Exploring the Way Parish Handout.docx

Parish Questionnaire

This is to be compiled by the community collectively and returned on-line by the end of November.

03 Parish Questionnaire.pdf  

03 Parish Questionnaire.docx

ParishQuestionnaire-EarlyWordVersion - May 2015

Parish Questionnaire Supplement   (Sections 8 and 9)

This is to assist parishes that have more than one church.

04 Parish Questionnaire Supplement.pdf

04 Parish Questionnaire Supplement.docx

ParishQuestionnaire Supplement-EarlyWordVersion - May 2015

Prayer and Liturgy Resources – Introduction

To assist everyone at meetings and with their own prayer and reflection.


Prayer and Liturgy Resources: See all Spirituality Resources

Exploring the Way PowerPoint

To assist anyone who wants to use it during parish meetings.

06 Exploring the Way PowerPoint

Download the full CD contents as one zip file (VERY large size)


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