Bishop Seamus calls diocese to prayer for Forward Together in Hope

On 2nd December 2014 people from all parts of the diocese gathered together at St Mary's Cathedral, and on December 10th at St Joseph's, Hartlepool at the invitation of Bishop Seamus to spend time in prayer and reflection in preparation for Forward Together in Hope.

Listen to Reflection led by Bishop Seamus:

Part 1 (17 mins)

Part 2 (10 mins):

Part 3 (7 mins)

Listen to Homily by Fr Jim O'Keefe at the Celebration of Mass following the midday reflection at St Mary's Cathedral (6 mins)

Audio as MP3 for older browsers

Reflection Part 1

Reflection Part 2

Reflection Part 3

Homily - Fr Jim O'Keefe

See also text of Reflection, and Prayer Leaflet